300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil by CBDPure; Brand And Product Review

CBD, which is short for Cannabidiol, is already doing wonders across the globe for various individuals regardless of their genetics, environmental factors, and consumption patterns. Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive insight into one of the best CBD companies out there in the market. Confused about which CBD brand to trust? Don’t worry We’ll be reviewing 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil by CBDPure and what sets their brand apart in the CBD space.

This interesting article will help you navigate the products offered by CBDPure and get insight into 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil. For more info on Full Spectrum CBD Oil visit: What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

From Cultivation to Finished Products on Shelves 

Hemp, the common name for a special kind of the “Cannabis Sativa” plant differs from marijuana in its naturally low THC level and abundance of CBD. This plant, therefore, is the best variety to extract CBD. 

CBDPure only uses the best produce of Hemp at its own farms in Washington and Colorado. The company goes through this time and money-draining process to make sure that the quality of its products is never compromised.

From cultivation and processing to storing and distributing, each process is carried out by CBDPure’s dedicated team that works round the clock to ensure that only the best of the lot make it to the shelves from where they reach your hands.

Their E-store is no different. With an extremely responsive customer support team, you can be sure to have your queries handled in minutes and have them navigate you through the website if you’re not sure of what product fits your needs best.

CBDPure: A Brand You Can Trust

There are inarguably many different brands and companies out there on the market that will offer you CBD oils and products with loaded promise; but how do you know which of them you can actually trust?

Unfortunately for you and many consumers such as yourself, it is not easy to discern if all claims of high quality, proper extraction and production, and clean processing are true, or just bells and whistles.

Many brands out on the market will claim to be free of preservatives and additives, and some may even go as far as to be dishonest about the levels of THC their product contains.

All these efforts that you will see CBD producers making are often in an attempt to dodge regulations, take advantage of loopholes, and trick the system. But the one who has to bear the brunt of these sleazy tactics is you. 

At CBDPure, however, this is something that is just not acceptable. Because CBDPure’s approach to every strategy and tactic that they undertake is a customer-centric one, they never settle with anything less than providing you the best possible CBD oils and products out there.

It is important to the team that their cherished clientele feels safe and confident in their decision to bring their business to them, and so they make sure to go above and beyond to deliver on their promises of providing you with the highest quality pure CBD oil that is extracted ethically and processed cleanly.

By doing so, they are able to ensure that their customers never have to waste time scanning through markets to find the purest CBD oil, and by extension, able to ensure that their clients are 100% satisfied with their services.

That’s what sets CBDPure ahead of any other producer out there, and that’s how you know they are a company you can trust! 

What CBD extraction method does CBDPure use?

There are a plethora of different extraction methods to produce CBD oil that is used by companies to obtain the extract from the plant; and even though at first glance, the methods may all seem more or less the same, and pretty much cut and dry-upon closer inspection.

You will find out that different methods of obtaining the oil can have drastic effects on the composition and the quality of the end product.

That is why the method of extraction used at CBDPure is one that will ensure that the quality of their products is never compromised and you get the best value for your money when you decide to invest in their products.

Now we’re sure you understand why it makes perfect sense that they employ the CO2 extraction method which has been proven time and again to provide the best and the purest product of CBD.

If this is your first time hearing about this highly intuitive method of extraction, don’t worry because down below we have laid all the ins and outs of CO2 extraction for you. Let’s have a look at CO2 extraction;

So What Exactly is Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Extraction?

In this method of extraction, supercritical carbon dioxide is used so as to obtain the extracted constituent of the CBD oil from the actual plant. When we say supercritical, we mean carbon dioxide that possesses the properties of both a liquid as well a gas all at once.

This is why if you decide to look up this method of extraction for yourself, you will find it also being referred to as Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE). 

This is arguably one of the best methods of extraction because even though it can be costly on account of the need for expensive and highly specialized machinery, extraction using carbon dioxide is the highest rated way of obtaining CBD oil.

After all, it is not only safe, but it also proves to be an efficient extraction method. This is because the product that results from this method gives concentrations of CBD oil which are shown to be as much as a whopping 92%! 

In addition to this, by its very nature, this process of extraction makes it easy for the producer to create CBD oil and related products in very specific concentrations, by simply modifying the amount of solvent and pressure used in the process to obtain the desired concentration of CBD. 

This is why the CO2 method is such a highly revered one, and why no other method can hold a light to it when it comes to producing the purest product!

So What Does This Process Entail?

Now that you know the ‘why’ of the carbon dioxide extraction method being arguably the best one for the extraction of CBD oil out there, let us then move on to the ‘how’ of this ingenious process.

To begin the process of CO2 extraction, CBDPure employs a series of pressurized chambers and pumps for the purpose of exposing the supercritical CO2 to high pressures and extremely low temperatures at the same time; so that the product yield is the purest form of CBD you can get from any method. More precisely, the process entails;

  • The first chamber contains the pressurized CO2, and another pressurized chamber contains the hemp plant.
  • Then the carbon dioxide is transferred from the first chamber to the one with the hemp plant. This step is where the supercritical carbon dioxide will break the hemp already present in the second pressurized chamber, which will ultimately result in the oil being separated from the plant body
  • Lastly, the carbon dioxide and the oil will be transported to the last of the three chambers, where the gas will evaporate, leaving behind the purest form of CBD oil as the residual. 

Is 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil by CBDPure safe? 

pesticide testing

It makes perfect sense for any CBD consumers to want to make sure that the products they are investing in do not only provide the best value for their buck but are also safe to consume. After all, most, if not all, of the audience for CBD is made up of individuals who are looking to avail of the benefits of CBD oil to improve their health and overall wellbeing.

Therefore, to help you rid yourself of any worries, we have compiled a comprehensive list below to help you see why the CBD products you will find at CBDPure are some of the safest and purest CBD products you’ll find on the market!

  1. Cannabinoid Profiling 

This is what makes it possible for CBDPure to ensure that the product they are putting forth for their customers whom they care deeply about has the highest concentration of pure hemp extract.

By conducting the cannabinoid profiling test, they are able to determine exactly what different cannabinoids are present in any given sample of a hemp plant. This profiling also allows them to convert any harmful cannabinoids that may be components of a hemp plant such as acidic cannabinoids into neutral ones.

When trying to figure out the exact concentration of each cannabinoid, the exact density of the plant must first be determined.

2. Pesticide Testing 

If any amount of pesticide residues remain in the plant body when it is being processed, the result on the health of the user can be detrimental, and in worst cases, has been linked to a number of health risks such as cancer, neurotoxicity, and liver disease, to name a few.

To ensure that their products never pose a threat to the health of their customers, CBDPure makes sure that they run the most thorough and comprehensive pesticide testing. This is usually done using the Ultra High Performance (UPLC) Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS).

The UPLC and MS/MS are much better testing methods as compared to the traditional protocol of using immunoassays to measure chemicals with low molecular weights. This is because, with the former, you can get access to high sensitivity and throughput. In addition to this, because of the better retention times, it is easy and accurate to identify the substances, resulting in precise results.

This is exactly why this method is best suited for cannabis cultivation to get an accurate analysis of pesticides. 

3.           Microbiological Screening

In addition to screening for residual pesticides, CBDPure also undertakes thorough microbial screening because it is absolutely crucial to make sure that the users of their CBD oil and related products are not threatened with exposure to harmful contaminants that can often lead to serious health risks.

For most people, even if some contaminant remains in the product, the effects will not be detrimental, but because we understand that more often than naught the people purchasing our products are those that are looking to avail of their benefits to improve their health and wellness, CBDPure makes sure to never compromise and cut corners when it comes to making sure our products are free of any harmful microbial contaminants.

One of the most common health risks that is posed to users of microbial contaminant residue in the extract is Aspergillosis, which is a respiratory infection as a result of breathing in Aspergillus spores. This infection, if not treated properly in time, can worsen to be fatal for the user.

This is why it is out of the question for the team at CBDPure to leave even the smallest amount of contaminants in our products to ensure that their cherished patrons are safe.

4. Residual Solvent Testing 

In the process of extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant, CBDPure uses some level and amount of solvents. Therefore, it is not too uncommon for some of the solvent used in the extraction process to be left behind as residual in the oil that is extracted.

These residual solvents can sometimes lead to certain risks for the health of cannabis users, and can even go as far as to pull out certain toxins during the extraction process, which is exactly why at CBDPure, they put so much emphasis on ridding all their products of any residual solvents.

5. Heavy Metal Testing 

The cultivation of hemp and cannabis plants benefit from having great eco-profile, wherein their impact on the environment is next to negligible for the most part because these plants grow fast and require very low maintenance, while simultaneously absorbing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

However, both of these plants are also phytoremediator, which essentially means that they are also known for absorbing a lot of the chemicals and the contaminants from the soil.

And while this is great for the planet and our environment in the long run, the contaminants and pollutants being absorbed into the plant can have serious health risks for users of CBD oil and products if the alien substances are not effectively gotten rid of.  

That is why at CBDPure, their team puts a lot of energy and resources into testing for heavy metals in their extracts and making sure that none of the wide arrays of toxic metals that can be absorbed into the plant body are able to make their way into your bodies.

This is because of any of the following heavy metal that are tested for are able to make their way into your systems, the resulting impact can your health can be detrimental with an issue such as headaches, lethargy, painful joints, nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness; and in worst case scenario, if consumed in a high dose- heavy metal consumption can even lead to death.

The heavy metals that CBDPure tests for in their products include lead, mercury, and arsenic.

By testing rigorously for heavy metals, the goal at CBDPure is to ensure that their customers are safely out of harm’s way and never have to worry about any of the risks to their health that can result from the infusion of toxic metals into products that are meant to be used to help your health and wellness.

Can we trust cbdpure 300mg Full Spectrum CBD

5 Reasons Why You Can Trust CBDPURE

If you are still, for whatever reason, not convinced on why CBDPure is one of, if not, the best CBD oil and product brands out there on the current market, we would be delighted to lay out some additional reasons, along with the fact that their products are the purest as well as the safest, why they are the best choice of CBD brand when it comes to investing in trustworthy products that will go a long way in improving your health.

1.           Made from Organically Grown Hemp

First things first, the hemp they use to extract their CBD oils from are only those that are organically grown. This allows them to stick to their safety protocols and make sure that there are no synthetic substances, toxic and harmful contaminants or chemicals, and dangerous heavy metals left behind in the products when they are processing the hemp plants for the purpose of obtaining the oil.

Using organically grown hemp, therefore, allows them to not only provide their customers with the most authentic and pure CBD experience but also allows them to ensure that their patrons are out of harm’s way!

2.           Third-Party Tested

If you are still having a hard time believing us; maybe because other CBD companies you have purchased a product from in the past have severely let you down- perhaps you would feel more at ease by knowing that the products over at CBDPure are tested by relevant parties to ensure that they are fully in compliance with regulations and codes, and are certified to be the best products that you will surely be hard pressed to find with any other CBD producer.

By having third parties test their products and vouch for their high quality, they want to help you rest assured that they are not just making empty and vapid claims that have no substance to them and that CBDPure actually delivers on their promises of quality, purity, and safety. 

3.           90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Because of how confident they are that their CBD products are high quality and hands down some of the best products on the market, CBDPure has taken it upon themselves to go as far as to promise you that should the improbable occurrence happen.

Where even after using their exceptional quality products for 90 days, for some reason you are not satisfied with the performance- which again is highly unlikely- then you will have the option to be refunded in full for the amount that you invested in them. How does that sound for a deal? We know right!

4.           Happy Testimonials

If you find it hard to trust companies that make claims about their own products, how would you feel about getting some unbiased second opinions based on experiences? We thought so! On the CBDPure website, you will find a huge collection of customer testimonials, wherein each after the next will let you know how they bought CBDPure products and within days of using them for the first time, began seeing positive results!

5.           Quality Customer Service 

And last but not least, if you still find your mind riddled with questions about their oils and products, or maybe even just CBD on its own, you should feel free to contact CBDPure, because nothing will delight their customer care staff more than to help you clear up confusions and reach a sound and informed decision.

They work round the clock to play their part in spreading awareness about the magical compound and its benefits.

Where Can You Buy 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil by CBDPure?

To make sure that our exceptionally high quality products are easily accessible for as many of our clientele as possible, CPDPure makes sure to make their CBD products available in physical stores and retailers across the US.

You will find their products in your local areas as well as online by making their entire line of products available on their website, so that you may choose whatever option is easiest for you and will equip you with their quality products in the earliest possible time. The company also ships across the US. 

CBDPURE Product Mix: 

1.           CBD Oils

At CBDPure, the team understands that their customers vary in their requirements for the type of CBD oils they need, and for that reason, they offer are CBD oils in 3 variants;

·         Hemp Oil 300 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil-

This is the base variant that contains a 10 mg concentration of cannabidiol per each daily dose that you take. In terms of CBD concentration, this product contains 300mg of it and has minute traces of THC at only 0.03%. This oil has a natural hemp taste to it and is made with entirely organic hemp grown on their own farms, like all their other products.

·         Hemp Oil 600

This next variant of their pure CBD oil contains a stronger concentration of cannabinoid per each daily dose that you take at 20 mg. This also contains more in terms of CBD at 600 mg, but still has the same traces of THC at only 0.3%. The 600 mg oils are also made with organically sourced hemp and come in a natural hemp flavor.

·         Hemp Oil 1000

This is the most potent variant of their CBD oils, which contain the strongest-yet concentration of cannabinoid in every dose that you take in a day. At 33 mg, this is sure to exert its strongest effects on you.

When it comes to the CBD composition, the 1000 mg oil has, you guessed it, 1000 mg of CBD, and in terms of its THC levels, the weight remains the same at a minuscule 0.3%. This oil, like the others, is made from 100% organic and natural hemp and consequently has a natural hemp flavor to it.

2.           Soft Gels

The CBDPure soft gels may, at first sight, fool you in believing that just because they are small, that they aren’t strong enough; but it will do you well to remember that these CBD soft gels have been designed specifically keeping in mind those customers who are looking for a big dose of CBD for their purchase.

For this purpose, the formulation of this potent gel includes a whopping dose of 25 mg of cannabidiol per soft gel, with a high CBD level of 750 mg CBD and minute traces of THC at only 0.3%. This soft gel is easy to swallow and comes in a natural hemp flavor on account of being produced from organic hemp.

3.           CBD Creams 

The CBDPure CBD creams are designed for focused application to painful joints or muscles. They are highly effective in pinpointing the area where the pain is emanating from and then targeting said area specifically to rid you of the pain and discomfort in no time. Its composition includes 250 mg of full spectrum CBD, as well as menthol and white willow bark to increase effectiveness.

4.           CBD Oils for Pets 

CBDPure also keeps your furry little friends in mind when producing their products, and so their pet oils are the perfect supplement to add to your pet’s food for their health. The oils are completely pure and contain untraceable amounts of THC and 100 mg of CBD thus making the entire solution safe for your beloved pet.

Is CBDPure Really The Purest CBD On the Market?

Is CBDPure 300mg Full Spectrum CBD safe?

As we have mentioned in detail before, because CBDPure uses a method of extraction that is arguably the best one used in the industry right now, they can guarantee that you will not be able to find a product on the market that can match the quality, purity, and safety of CBDPure’s products.

They also encourage finding a company that can match the collective value for your investment that they will provide you with. And it doesn’t stop here! Because they care deeply about their customers, during the extraction process, they make sure that the product that is resulting is free from any chemicals, toxins, and pollutants.

You can rest assured that not only are you buying products that have the highest concentrations of the stuff that matters; i.e. the CBD, but also that your products are pure and free of any substances that can potentially cause harm for your health, which is nothing but counterproductive.

How much THC does 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil contain?

The CBD products at CBDPure contain negligible to absolutely zero traces of THC. This is because all their products are derived from industrial hemp, which makes it so that there are no amounts of THC that would make the products psychoactive. 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains less than 0.3% THC.

The “high” users experience upon smoking marijuana is a property that the only THC brings to cannabis and the hemp plant. This is why their CBD products do not make you high and are best used for health and wellness purposes.

CBDPure 300MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

As with all other products of CBDPure, the CBDPure 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is useful for more than just to get a kick out of the experience- which is a pretty good reason to use it on its own. But this oil also termed as the beginner’s oil scores very high on providing a health boost, a mood uplift, and instilling mindfulness.

With its natural Hemp flavor, The product is made from organically grown and cultivated Hemp and has not been given an artificial flavor so as to not contaminate the product for even this much. 

Each bottle with a dropper that delivers 10 mg CBD per dose, is backed by a 90-Day Product Guarantee. Now how many companies offer that? This is simply to emphasize the fact that CBDPure, with all of its clean extraction methods and third-party lab testing, only delivers premium quality products that are 100% safe for human use.

The Color of 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

The color of your CBD Oil primarily depends on whether it is Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum. A full-spectrum CBD Oil will usually range between golden brown and dark green shades whereas a broad spectrum or isolate CBD Oil will be colorless and translucent.

CBDPure 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD Oil and is golden yellow in color which is also due to the fact that the company extracts CBD through CO2 extraction as discussed above. The golden yellow color is a standard result of CBD extracted through the CO2 extraction method. 


CBDPure’s Hemp Oil is available at many different retailers across the country. If you’re however, not sure about the retailer’s legitimacy, you can always order from the company’s online page where you can be certain that the product that you will receive is 100% genuine, CBDPure 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Now let’s get onto what this product does for you.

Hemp, being a very strong industrial fiber, has over 100 usages in different industries like textile, building materials, paper, foods, beauty products etc. 

Apart from the industrial uses, it has some newly found medicinal usages. Pardon me using the word “new” even though I know full well that this miraculous discovery had the Eureka! moment centuries ago when it was used across Asia for treating all sorts of diseases. The practise is still prevalent in some parts of the South-Asian countries of Pakistan, India and Iran. 

CBDPure 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Limitations

Limitations of CBDPure;

We have discussed in detail how CBDPure is one of the best brands out there but like with every other company in the world, it does have a few cons or shortcomings.

The pros outweigh the cons in any aspect however, it is important to paint both sides of the picture in order to remain just and give the readers and customers a 360 degree view of the situation. Listed below are facets that require immediate attention on part of the company. 

Lesser Product Options

Focusing on expanding the variety of products would pay off in the long term for the company. Not only will it create more demand and generate revenue but will also help the company establish itself as a diverse and inclusive brand in the minds of customers with unique tastes and preferences.

As of now, the company doesn’t offer any CBD tinctures, gummies or any other CBD infused product which makes the product selection very limited. Having a diverse product mix can prove to be a competitive edge. 

No Flavor Options

Sadly, the company misses out on a great number of sales they could generate if they offered flavored CBD Oil. In a  nearly saturated market, companies need to consider the needs of their audience.

They need to take into account that a lot of individuals prefer flavored CBD Oils for whatever reason they might have. By not offering customization the company is giving up significant market share.

Obsolete Website

We feel that CBDPure could have done a better job at presenting themselves digitally. A rebrand of their current website may land them an even higher market share.

In this era of digitalization and advancements, investing in digital identity is of paramount importance for companies willing to stay in the game. A website is the face of your brand and CBDPure should consider changing their makeup. 

How Can You Make Your 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Last Longer? 

Just like any other product, CBD products also come with an expiry date. There are a few factors that can determine how long your CBD Oil can last. Let us take a brief look at what affects what. 

Dosage– this mainly depends on the nature of the problem that you are looking to use CBDPure’s CBD products for, but in most cases, it is wise to consume the products in smaller doses so that you can get your money’s worth and have the product last you a longer time.

Storage– Another factor that is really important to consider is how you store your CBD products because as with almost all other organic products, CBD products, too, need to be kept in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

The ideal way to store your CBD oils, for instance, is to make sure the lid or cap of the container is tightly shut to keep air locked, and by storing it in a place that is not either too hot or too cold and has no moisture in the environment. This is definitely a great way to increase the longevity of your CBD products. 

Final Thoughts On 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil by CBDPure

CBDPure is an amazing company which delivers what it promises. There are not many manufacturers out there that follow all standard operating procedures in a not-so regulated market to produce excellent quality products like they do.

They own their products from the production house till the time they are consumed and they also own and love their customers, whether satisfied or unsatisfied. Each executive at CBDPure is interested in its customers’ opinions, experiences and feedback, which, let’s face it, is not a common trend across CBD companies and which is what we love about them. 

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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