About Me

My name is David and I’m a 34-year-old father of three from Sweden that found CBD in 2018, it changed my life and I really want others to find health with the help of CBD.

What is the mission?

My ambition with this blog is to be the best resource to find comprehensive product reviews and evidence-based knowledge about CBD and other hemp-derived products in the world!

In 2020 cannabidiols are getting more and more popular every day and there are a lot of misconceptions and false facts out there. We want to inform consumers with evidence-based facts and about the best CBD products we can find on the market today!

What do I know?

In late 2018 I decided to try CBD to help me with recovery and getting better sleep. The first thing I did was to make a google search, probably much like the one u did to get here, and found so much information without the possibility to understand what was true and what was bogus claims.

Because of this, I started to read all the research I could find about CBD and was intrigued by everything from the science to the legal side of it.

What I’m not

I’m not a medical professional and I won’t give you medical advice. If you are looking at trying out CBD for a medical condition I strongly advise you to talk to a doctor first.