CBD Cafes Around the World: Top 6 CBD Cafes Picked Exclusively For You

As CBD continues making waves around the world, entrepreneurs are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate the compound in their existing product offerings to be a part of the global CBD movement. Today we’ll be reviewing top 6 CBD Cafes around the world, so fasten your seatbelt and read on!

It wasn’t very long ago that people would not even stick around to hear the second sentence about CBD. The listeners would run a mile as soon as the word Cannabis would come up. The biggest achievement, thus, this decade has been the acceptance for the compound and its long overdue disassociation with marijuana and THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) that is the psychoactive substance in weed, responsible for getting you high. 

What is CBD? 

what is cbd?
what is cbd?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating Cannabis compound with no potential for dependence and a whole lot of beneficial properties. CBD;

  • Regulates Sleep/Wake Cycle
  • Boosts Appetite and Metabolism
  • Uplifts Mood and Boosts Energy
  • Helps with Pain and Inflammation-of all kinds
  • Improves Skin, Care, Nail and Joint Health
  • Aids in Immune System Functioning
  • Is Currently Under Research as a Potential Candidate for Curing Depression, Anxiety and a Number of Physical and Mental Diseases.

Quite a number of benefits for one compound right? But how do you consume it? Read more about What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Among many other methods of consumption that you can check right here : Insert what is CBD article, one is through coffee and edibles. Read more about Types of CBD Concentrates.

We all know coffee isn’t just a beverage, it is your sole companion during cold, winter days and stressed out summer nights. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee in a cozy space with friendly faces and your favourite book is an entire mood. This is particularly why cafes have become so popular around the world. 

CBD Cafes Around The World

We really thought our coffee experience peaked ever since tiny little cafes started opening up around every corner but what if we told you we live in an age where even that has been pushed to another limit? 

CBD, ever since accepted into our lives as an uplifting, health-enhancing supplement has also caught the attention of our beloved cafe and restaurant owners. While it’s not possible to discuss both in one post, we’ll start with one. 

Today we’ll be talking about CBD cafes from around the world and the amazing variety of products-and experience- that they’re offering. 

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CBD Cafes Around The World: Found Cafe-Hong Kong

cbd cafe in hong kong

First on our list is the Found Cafe in Hong Kong that, in spite of a very strict Cannabis ban in the country, has opened its doors in the hope that it will educate the masses about how CBD is different from THC and how much it can actually do for you.  

Hong Kong’s Cannabis laws are so strict that CBD products containing even 0.3% THC are not permissible to use, let alone doing CBD business. operating an entire CBD cafe is risky business. 

The general ignorance among the public only adds fuel to the fire, making the entire venture relatively unprofitable for now, but this cafe hopes to pave ways for are also a hindrance for like-minded progressive individuals who want to come forward. 

These brave pioneers are challenging stereotypes with their boutique cafe, with adequately knowledgeable staff to help you pick out the right products for you.  

Glow Bar – Marylebone London, United Kingdom

cbd cafe in the uk

The Glow Bar in London is not just a cafe serving healthy drinks but rather a steam blower for women to help them cope with the anxiety, stress and hustle and bustle of their busy life in the city. 

Based on holistic stress management effective remedies, the owner has studied the topic for years to come up with a safe place for women troubled by life. The bar offers wellness products for sale along with other nutritional food items in their menu. 

You can order from a variety of CBD products including CBD truffles, croissants, macaroons, and the infamous Golden Moon Milk which contains Wunder Workshop Golden Mylk and CBD. If you however, would like a different drink then amp up any drink of your choice with CBD only for 1.5 pounds which is literally half of what most cafes charge for the same service. 

The main attraction for the cafe, however, other than its dreamy interior, is their innovative infra-red sauna which promotes sweat for curing the skin, body and mind. It wouldn’t be wrong to state this cafe as an ultimate soul recharging spot!

CBD Cafes Around The World: Canna Coffee – Paris

cbd cafe in paris and in the world

Canna Coffee is actually one of the few cafes in Paris that offers actual coffee and coffee snacks with a real place to sit in unlike many counter cafes in the city that just have a service desk to sell you items. You can order from a range of CBD coffees or teas, milkshakes, quiches, cannacorns, cakes, brownies or cookies. 

Most dishes are cooked with Cannabis butter, offering you the classic taste and Cannabis effects without any of the high; and the drinks are infused with CBD oils to give you the perfect kick start to the day. 

The cafe adheres to Paris’s THC limit policy which is 0.2% and so none of the cafe’s products are intoxicating or addicting. 

The ambience is amazing, the food is amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better treat in the happening Oberkampf on the streets of the very romantic Paris. 

CBD Cafes Around The World: CBD Coffee – Tokyo, Japan

Cbd cafe in tokyo

Don’t forget to visit CBD Coffee, a small takeaway CBD Cafe that offers CBD Coffee near the Komaba-Todaimae Station in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Yes! You read that right. CBD has proved its mettle as far as the Far East. We’ve already discussed the popularity of CBD in Hong Kong which is not located far from Japan compared to Europe.

The company first started out with Uber Eats and only delivered their products. Now they have a small coffee shop type cafe and are offering takeaway as well as delivery. While the cafe itself is small and cannot house people, its products are being hailed and loved everywhere.

The outlet features a traditional Japanese look and while you cannot sit down to enjoy your coffee at the spot, it is perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to work as their response time is great. Here is a link to their Instagram.

Here is a link to their Instagram handle.

CBD Cafes Around The World: The Cupboard – United Kingdom

cbd cafes in united kingdom

Feels like you still need more information on Hemp with a Hemp drink of your choice? Located in the United Kingdom, The Cupboard Cafe offers a cozy space which allows you to be yourself with a cup of your favorite drink and learn more about Hemp! 

You can choose from Hemp Tea, CBD coffee or Cannawine and Sesh IPA from Cannabrew as a drink while you sit back and relax in our warm space. All avid readers have good news that there is a library where you sit on Hemp cushions of course and enjoy your moment of reading. 

They have a huge variety of Hemp products ranging from fabrics, essential oils, edibles, tinctures and everything hemp related. It is a one shop stop for all your hemp requirements.

With a nice ambience and aesthetica interior, this cafe is a good stop for passersby. . 

Smoke on the Water Coffee Shop – Ettalong Beach, Australia  

cbd cafes around the world

Located on the Eastern Coast of Australia, CBD has proved its mettle as far the continent of Oceania. Whether you are a traveler or a native Australian, go pay this café a visit sometime with your friends or family and be amazed by what they have to offer.

What else does one want than a cozy, aesthetic and warm coffee shop with all your favourite drinks infused with CBD!  With multiple 5 star reviews on google and a cult like following on Instgram, this café is going to give you the pleasure of a lifetime. Smoke on Water Coffee Shop serves delish photogenic coffee so you can enjoy the caffeine rush as well as make a post on your feed. Infused with CBD and beneficial terpenes their cup of coffee is the ultimate healing you can think of.

They also serve CBD and shroom juice. So make a stop, grab a cup of coffee, take a picture, sit back and relax!

Here is a link to their Instagram handle.

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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