What Is Full-Spectrum CBD? Explained In Detail!

From a theoretical perspective to now the star of the show, CBD has shown huge popularity with the consumers and we are all for it. Ranging from edibles to oils, topicals, gummies, and many other products, CBD has managed to find its place in just about anything we can think of. So what is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil? Read on to find out more.

And why wouldn’t it? It has shown positive results in medical aspects like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle pain, joint pain, and much more. What’s more interesting is that CBD in the case of CBD oil has also replaced many other medical drugs that were being used for the said-so purposes plus with fewer side effects in most cases.

One of the reasons is its range of availability and we’re not just talking about the product but rather the variety of CBD itself which includes Full spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate (we’ll talk about them later on).

CBD Oil: What Is It?

Cannabis, obtained from the plant from the same species that of marijuana “hemp plant” is the non-high giving relative of the marijuana plant. CBD oil is obtained from the hemp plant by using dilute oil.

Now as soon as you heard marijuana, you might have had your medical drug senses tingling but no need to worry because we’ve done the research for you. The main cause of the “high” is known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a compound present in marijuana in a very high quantity.

It is also present in CBD products such as CBD oil but in a very low quantity. How low? Well, it’s 0.3% (or less) type of low. So CBD oil is pretty safe if you’ve decided to explore the CBD side of things.

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The Vast Variety of CBD Oil:

variety of CBD Oil

As soon as an individual product takes off, there’s little time before it is available in different forms especially considering the case of CBD oil. Seriously, they have one for everyone, and chances are you will most probably be interested in at least one of these.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

Full Spectrum CBD oil can be said to be a “cocktail of the cannabis”(we made that up). Why? Because it has the most amount of cannabinoids and chemical compounds present in it as it is extracted from the hemp plant without that much of an alteration.

Thus it will have all the basics with the other vitamins and cannabinoids as research shows that these cannabinoids work much better and efficiently when in the company of other cannabinoids present such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (Cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), CBG (Cannabigerol), terpenes, etc

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil:

Even though Broad spectrum CBD oil might sound similar to the full spectrum one, but there’s one key difference between them which makes a huge difference for the consumers. Can you guess?

Well if you guessed THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), then you’re really good at guessing. Yes, broad spectrum CBD oil has all the usual cannabinoids and other chemical compounds except THC.

Thus it doesn’t really give that much of the high feeling that might be present in others although THC is only allowed at 0.3% or less so it doesn’t give a feeling of high in other CBD oil. Now whether you feel comfortable with that 0.3% (or less) THC or not, that’s up to you. But at the end of the both of them will get the job done with flying colors.

CBD Isolate:

CBD and lemons

As seen from the name, CBD isolate oil is an isolated form of the normal CBD oils, meaning that the other cannabinoids and chemical compounds are extracted from the oil except CBD.

So CBD Isolate oil has the highest amount of CBD available in any commercial CBD oil. Whether it’s THC or any other compound we might have mentioned before, all of them when extracted from the oil only leaves pure CBD in form of crystals.

Which One Should Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

If you ask from us, use the blue one and avoid the pink. We’re just kidding here (at least attempting to). It depends on the actual consumer what kind of CBD they want to use. All of them have certain traits and side effects that one should look up before buying them.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research as always. Since we’re specifically talking about Full spectrum CBD oil, thus we’ll be comparing it to the other contenders to help you choose which one you should consider.

Full Spectrum CBD Vs Broad Spectrum CBD

We do not condone any sort of violence; it’s just a friendly versus between Full body spectrum and broad spectrum. Now with that being said, here are some highlights of their match (comparison)

  • Full Spectrum has THC while Broad Spectrum doesn’t. Now, this is important as some people or even some state laws are not so friendly when the name THC pops up. It is pretty infamous for being responsible for the “high” feeling effect in the case of marijuana. So that’s why some consumers “might face some issues” but it is only present in a non-harmful amount of 0.3% and less in CBD oils so no need to worry here.
  • Full Spectrum has terpenes which give it a strong aroma. As a whole, Full spectrum CBD oil has generally a strong flavor and a strong aroma of its parent plant which is the “hemp plant”. Plus, terpenes and the added flavors actually have health benefits to them. Some people like it some might not. So it actually depends upon the consumer and what they’re looking for.
  • There’s no artificial processing that is being done in Full Spectrum CBD oil compared to the broad spectrum. You’re getting the classic package here with no tempering in the CBD oil. Thus all the well-known cannabinoids and chemical compounds are at your service with the full body spectrum CBD oil.

Full Spectrum Vs CBD Isolate:

full spectrum vs cbd isolate

The actual differences shine in this comparison because of the isolation in one and not so much of tempering in the other. Let’s take a look at what is happening here:

  • CBD isolate has pure CBD in it. It means it’s just CBD there while not to say the CBD in Full Body Spectrum CBD oil has any impure CBD but it is accompanied by a number of friendly compounds that help the CBD in performing better. CBD isolate also has the highest amount of versatility as theirs is a lot of room for the consumer plus there’s no flavor or a strong aroma of the hemp plant or any other smell. Again some people may like it and some people may not.
  • There’s literally no chance of getting the feeling of “high” in CBD isolate as there’s no amount of THC present here, only CBD. While the Full Spectrum does have trace amounts of THC in it but it’s not harmful (0.3% present).

Final Verdict:

So where does all this lead you to? Well, anywhere to be exact. CBD and CBD Oil have gained so much popularity in the recent years that there’s a version for everyone. Some people might go for the Full Spectrum CBD oil, some may go for the Broad Spectrum CBD oil, and some for the CBD isolate.

All of them have their perks and their specific consumer market. If you’re looking for the most basic explanation here, Full Spectrum CBD is the whole package, Broad Spectrum has no THC and CBD isolate has only CBD.

Now what you want and what you choose is your choice and yours alone. Just make sure to get proper consultation with an expert or a doctor for the most optimum results for your health.

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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