CBD Toothpicks: Are They Really a Thing? 101 Guide to CBD Tooth Picks

What would you do if a teeny tiny piece of what you’re eating gets lodged between your teeth? Removing it would be the natural and logical thing to do but would you do that in western society? Probably not. While it is considered a taboo in the west, removing it in Malaysia, Thailand or other parts of Asia wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Do CBD Toothpicks ring bell?

We’re pretty sure that this is the first time you have heard the term CBD Toothpicks. If you just nodded your head in agreement to that or have a confused expression right now (as you read this), don’t worry, we got you covered. 

Grab your favorite snack as we explore the CBD toothpicks in detail, by curating expert advice based on factual data exclusively for our readers. The topic under the microscope today is CBD Toothpicks. We’re positive that you’re already familiar with what toothpicks are and even if you aren’t, it’s not a biggie. Let’s start with a little background and history about toothpicks to familiarise you a little so buckle up while we take a lesson down the history lane. 

Throughout history, toothpicks were in use by mankind. Although the materials used to make these toothpicks used to be different but the concept of a toothpick was present throughout. From wood, bamboo, ivory, and chicken bones to grass, twigs, gold, and silver, mankind was able to find an innovative way to remove food elements that get stuck in between your teeth during a meal and also to keep their mouths from smelling bad. Not bad, huh? 

Rhodes, a 15th-century philosopher said and we quote;

“Pick not thy teeth with thy knyfe, but take a stick, or some clean thyng, then doe you not offend” 

Rhodes, a 15th-Century philosopher

In the Old Testament, we also find similar instances where God instructs the people to find a twig to clean their teeth and to practice cleanliness in general. Be it Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or any other religion for that matter dental hygiene has been addressed diligently in every religion. 

Fossils and research on ancient humans have also suggested similar results. The evidence of flossed teeth and teeth picked with rudimentary tools was found among the fossils of American Red-Indians and Australian Aborigines.

When did the modern toothpick take its form?

Back in the mid-1800s, a man named Charles Foster of America had a significant realization while on a trip to South Africa. The realization would ultimately result in what would become known to us as the modern-day wooden toothpick that can be globally found in restaurants, hotels, and homes today. 

Charles was making handmade toothpicks (1860) before he had this amazing idea when he stumbled across a group of natives cleaning their teeth with slivers of wood. This served as a Eureka moment for the traveler and as soon as he headed back home implemented this idea to combat the growing demand for his handmade toothpicks. But he had to come up with a machine that could efficiently serve the growing demand.

Later that century, on February 20’ 1872, Silas Noble and J.P Cooley from Massachusetts are credited and believed to have invented the first toothpick manufacturing machine. That is enough history for today so without wasting any more time let’s move on to outlining the role of CBD in toothpicks. But wait, are you familiar with CBD? If not, read on or skip this part.

What is CBD?  

what is cbd
CBD short for Cannabidiol

CBD which is short for Cannabidiol, is an increasingly popular herb that is doing rounds on the internet. From researchers, pharmacologists to doctors, a lot of individuals are endorsing the health benefits that are accompanied by CBD.

Originally discovered back during the second world war in 1940, CBD has literally gone through a lot of research before finally getting approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Authority) in the United States of America under the Farm Bill 2018 Act approved in 2018.

CBD is often confused with its psychoactive cousin THC which has been stealing the limelight for centuries. Known for its psychoactive effects, THC is the cannabinoid that can be held responsible for the high user experience. THC is also known to cause addiction and dependency and this is supported by the fact the cannabis, unfortunately, is the most common drug of abuse and is known for its addiction potential throughout the world. 

Many people are still skeptical of CBD since it comes from the same plant that is Cannabis. The key difference to note here however is that, CBD is derived or extracted from strains of Cannabis Indica that are low in THC and abundant in CBD, for example, Hemp. Industrial Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and is highly abundant in CBD. This strain is being used all over the world to extract CBD.

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What Are CBD Toothpicks?

what are cbd toothpicks

A CBD toothpick is no different than the traditional toothpick except that a CBD Toothpick is coated in CBD Oil. Many of the average Joes out there have a habit of sucking on the toothpick after they’re done picking food from their teeth with it. Depending on what brand you go with for the toothpicks, this habit can prove to your advantage.

CBD Toothpicks usually come in small size, easy to carry, and minimalist packaging. Each packet contains around 20-25 toothpicks infused with the richness of CBD. Although CBD Toothpicks provide a considerably lower amount of CBD intake but are a great option for anyone who is going to try CBD for the first time.

Each of the toothpicks contains around 10-40mg of CBD with spilanthes as an extra feature in higher-end brands. All you really have to do is suck on them. You will find an instructions manual inside the CBD Toothpick Box when you purchase one. Just read it before using the toothpicks and follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. 

Benefits of CBD Toothpicks 

CBD Toothpicks are a great way to keep your teeth clean and shining all the while taking your daily dose of CBD in your system. Not only are these toothpicks easy to carry around compared to CBD Oils and Tinctures but are also a lowkey discreet way of blessing yourself with CBD. 

Since CBD is absorbed considerably faster when administered sublingually, CBD Toothpicks have become a promising candidate to get CBD pumping through your veins. Moreover, the best brands out there are including spilanthes in their CBD toothpicks that is actually a herb known to produce saliva. Smart, isn’t it? The more saliva you produce, the more CBD you can absorb through your cavity at a faster rate. 

Data collected from research and survey indicates that 20-30mg of CBD daily is enough for a 160-240 pounds individual who suffers from acute pain. This renders CBD toothpicks the perfect candidate for someone who has acute and chronic pain. Even if you’re seeking CBD for relieving stress and anxiety, CBD toothpicks might be an excellent option for you to select. 

The benefits of CBD are numerous. From being a promising anti-epileptic to providing instant relief to pain all the while fighting inflammation is something only CBD is capable of. Known for regulating sleeping patterns, CBD is can also help you fight insomnia. Not only this, but it can also boost your mood and promote appetite.

Moreover, research has indicated that CBD helped patients with relieving their nauseous symptoms who were undergoing chemotherapy as a result of cancer. CBD also happens to have beneficial and therapeutic effects on the mental health of individuals. Not only is it just non-addictive but it also helps people who are trying to fight addiction problems. 

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All of these benefits come packed in toothpicks which makes us wonder if the toothpicks are really capable of delivering results or not. 

Read on to find out.

Drawbacks of CBD Toothpicks 

If you haven’t already noticed, the dosage that comes with CBD toothpick is really low. Some health conditions may require higher doses of up to 500mg or more. Having said that, if your toothpick contains 25mg CBD, you’d have to suck more than a dozen toothpicks. Not that practical, really. This is where CBD Toothpicks fall short. 

Moreover, some people are not fans of the toothpick. They avoid it and would rather use dental floss. For such individuals, CBD toothpicks might not be the best option to get CBD pumping in their arteries. 

How Do I Use CBD Toothpicks?

how do i use cbd toothpicks

Using CBD Toothpicks is a reasonably simple and easy procedure with no rocket science involved. Its use is relatively simple to how you would use a normal toothpick except for one part i.e.sucking. As horrible as it may sound, once you have picked your teeth clean after a meal, it is time for you to suck on that little pick for a while. It is highly recommended that you suck on the toothpick for at least 15-20 minutes. To ensure that you have consumed every little drop of CBD in that toothpick, it is advised that you keep rotating the toothpick evenly to absorb every milligram of CBD packed in the pick.

CBD Toothpicks or CBD Oil? 

Comparing CBD Oil with CBD Toothpick wouldn’t be a fair comparison. While CBD Oils of course are the all-rounder here and an excellent way of getting CBD absorbed in your system, we recommend that you only buy CBD Oil from a company that is third-party tested, offers lab results, and the CBD in their products is extracted through CO2 Extraction Method. 

We advise you to stay away from CBD products that utilize the Solvent Extraction Method as this method leaves the possibility of a dangerous toxin that could potentially have far-reaching effects.

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Where Can I Find CBD Toothpicks?

CBD Toothpicks are a niche product and finding them could prove to be a hassle for you. From hours of endless scrolling on your mobiles to asking questions on forums or from friends and family, this time-consuming process can break the best of us. We value your time and health, therefore, have compiled a list of companies where you can get CBD Toothpicks from. Thank us later! 

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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