CBN And CBD; A Comparison Between The Two!

CBN And CBD; An Introduction

As Cannabis enthusiasts and a source of authentic Cannabis information, we are often asked a lot of questions about Cannabis compounds other than the CBD. We understand that there is an overwhelming sea of information everywhere on the internet and differentiating between authentic and misleading information can be quite a tedious task. CBN and CBD, are cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant

But heavy research and explanatory articles have never stopped us from having your back before and it won’t now! Today we aim to talk about CBN, a much less known Cannabis compound.

CBN, short for Cannabinol, is actually the third most abundant compound found in the Cannabis plant, right after CBD and THC and yet there is so little information that we have on it.

This fact is right in accordance with another fact which is that people, because of the stigma around the Cannabis plant, did not want to fund Cannabis researches or fight to get pro-Cannabis legislations passed up until a couple of years ago.

Now that most of the dust has settled, we’re seeing more and more countries legalising its cultivation, harvest and trade, which is a really big sign of progression. Laws for research and experimentation have also been ease, grants have been approved and the world seems to be a better place for Cannabis lovers. 

Coming towards CBN again, the world has finally begun to see Cannabinoids in a different, more positive light and it will soon impact all of our lives for the better as product manufacturers make more and more Cannabis products available throughout the world. 

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CBN: Another Psychoactive Cannabinoid?

Chemical Formula: C21H32O

Cannabis’ hidden star child, CBN is a rare(but totally worth it!) Cannabinoid to behold. CBN naturally occurs once a Cannabis plant has aged to the point where its THC begins to die down. There then comes a stage where THC completely oxidizes to get converted to Cannabinol or CBN.

Just a little information for the people (like us) who barely passed their chemistry classes, oxidation is the chemical process where a substance gains oxygen atoms or loses electrons/hydrogen to be converted into another substance. This rockstar compound, although synthesized from THC, has its own unique set of properties that are distinct from THC. 

Also, a bit of notes if you’re completely new to the world of Cannabis, THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive Cannabis compound. It produces the intoxicating effects that are associated with smoking marijuana or hashish. The Euphoria, red eyes and the “high” can all be credited to THC. 

Does CBN Get You High? 

Can CBN and CBD get you high

As mentioned earlier, THC is CBN’s precursor compound. THC (which is the intoxicating compound in Cannabis) converts to CBN when the Cannabis plant matures and THC dies down. Thus, the question whether CBN can get you high is rather a natural one. 

Now although THC and CBN have a parent-child relationship, they both have distinct properties and they produce distinct effects. CBN will not get you “high”; the euphoric properties of THC die down with the compound when it oxidizes to become CBN.

It can still get you drowsy though as it is a pretty strong compound, but that doesn’t happen in the same way for everyone. Results vary based upon your dosage, your unique body physique and metabolism, and how pure the CBN product in your hand is.

What is CBN Capable of?

CBN is like the shy interview candidate who, although equally capable, doesn’t land the job because he was overlooked in favor of the chatty candidate (CBD) who managed to impress the interviewers with his communication skills. Let us be a little specific and list down some CBN capabilities that will really make you question why you hadn’t heard of it before.

1. CBN: The Knight In Shining Armor For All The Insomniacs

CBN, since derived from THC, is a very strong sedative and is being researched as the answer to all your sleep-related issues. The constant exposure to blue lights from our smart devices, the capitalist race for money and the caffeine addiction have made insomnia a very common disease among people of the world today. Insomnia does not discriminate among gender, age and nationality and is believed to affect 30-50% of every nation’s population. 

CBN’s biggest selling point right now is its powerful sedation. How the compound will affect you depends on your body mass index, water retention rate, body metabolism rate and the quality of the product; but once you’ve adjusted the dose to your liking, it is bound to help you get a good night’s sleep with regular intake.

It is also believed to have an impact on the TRPA-1 to 4 cell receptors of the body, which play a major role in determining your sleep quality and so, CBN not only helps you sleep, it makes sure you get a deep and consistent sleep and not just small, weary naps throughout the day. 

2. CBN Is Anti-Inflammatory:

CBN is a selective anti-inflammatory compound by nature. What we mean by that is that although it does work for all parts of the body, its action is mainly concentrated towards the cells that make up the immune system and the Endocannabinoid System. We’ve touched upon what the Endocannabinoid System actually is, below. 

3. CBN Is An Analgesic:

Very much like the CBD and other Cannabis compounds, CBN is a great pain killer for both human and animal use. Both its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties synergistically combine to provide relief for sore muscles, joint and bone pain. It is even being researched as a potential cure to post partum and chemotherapy pains. Now how’s that for first impressions!

4. CBN promotes General Wellness:

CBN and CBD wellness

CBN, as a whole, promotes a healthy appetite and like a strict grandmother, makes sure you don’t skip any meal throughout the day. This property relates a bit with THC, as we’re sure marijuana smokers can confirm, where THC stimulates hunger and increases your appetite. 

CBN also lifts your mood, relaxes your muscles and releases endorphins to put you in a more relaxed mood for a more productive day. 

How Do CBN and CBD Differ? 

CBD and CBN and both members of the same Cannabis family. Apart from sharing letters (or surnames, LOL!), both the compounds also share some common properties, but more on that in a little while. Firstly, let us talk about what CBD is. 

CBD, the most popular of the Cannabis lot, is being hailed as an organic solution to so many problems of today’s frantic world. After so many years of research, CBD is finally being accepted as a herbaceous package of goodness that it is and not as the Hemp industry’s revenge against alcohol.

The research isn’t very conclusive though, as it has only been a couple of years since CBD was removed from the “controlled substance” list in many parts of the world. It is though, now  being openly sold and tested on human subjects.

From whatever research has been done so far and from what CBD users have to say, CBD is believed to be a magic cure for anxiety, depression and lack of appetite among so many other specific diseases. Generally it is believed to promote wellness in humans and animals and help with their chronic joint and muscle pains. 

Now that you have an idea of what CBD is and have also read about CBN’s properties in detail, we’re sure you’ve pretty much drawn out comparisons yourself. CBD is your ultimate dose of freshness; it makes you want to get up and conquer the world.

The motivation injection and the boost of energy and mood is what has consumers hooked to it whereas CBN is your perfect night’s magic pill. It helps you get your much needed beauty sleep while it repairs and rejuvenates your body and mind, all the while preparing you for a better day ahead. 

Thus, CBD and CBN resemble in the “promotion of general well-being” part, but achieve this common goal through separate routes. 

The Interaction of CBN and CBD With The Human Body

CBN, being a Cannabinoid, interacts with the Endocannabinoid System of the human body just like THC and CBD. The Endocannabinoid System (or ECS) is a natural bodily system in human beings that exists and functions with or without the use of Cannabis.

The system is a complex inter-cell signaling system that plays a crucial role in the immune system response, memory, and body metabolism among other functions. Cannabis compounds interact and attach with either one or both of the two main receptors CB1 and CB2 of the ECS. 

THC for example, being a very strong and psychedelic compound, interacts with both CB1 and CB2 receptors to take over the body and produce intoxicating effects. While it is not clear how CBN produces its effects on the body, it is believed to interact with the CB1 receptor to do so, just like many of the other Cannabis compounds. 

What Does The Future Hold For CBN and CBD Related Research:

CBN and the research surrounding it reminds us of the saying “Better late than never”, that we use to calm down our crazy friends going at a 100 km/h+ speed when running late for a party. CBN research has finally caught on and we’ve made a list of specific diseases it is currently being studied for. Have a look:

1. High Blood Pressure:

CBN, with its vessel dilation properties, is believed to lower blood pressure within minutes of administration. CBN expands your blood vessels to make more room for more blood flow which lowers blood pressure, helps wounds heal faster and be helpful for glaucoma patients, a disease which is responsible for 60% of all blindness cases among the elderly, often caused by consistent high blood pressure. 

CBN and CBD diabetes

2. Diabetes Type II:

Diabetes Type II, characterized by abnormal blood sugar levels is a chronic disease that is currently being managed by patients all over the world by taking a plethora of medicines. In a few studies, CBN was studied in combination with THC to control blood sugar levels where it was concluded that it may produce desirable results and could be further researched on to produce an organic solution to the diseases. 

3. Broken Bones:

CBN, with its unique healing properties is believed to be a good bone repair helper. CBN basically stimulates and harvests stem cells of the body which are general body cells at the beginning and later grow into specialized bone or cartilage cells (or cells for other parts of the body). These cells then deposit over broken bone structures and heal the bone. 

4. Mental Diseases:

In some impressive research studies conducted on the compound to test its capabilities in treating mental diseases like Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, it was concluded that CBN is a promising candidate for these diseases and it was believed that there is an avenue of possibilities, with regards to what CBN can do, that haven’t even been explored yet. 

Are CBN and CBD Safe To Consume?

Again, since CBN is derived from THC, this is only a natural question. CBN products are not as common as CBD products but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. High quality CBN oil, tinctures, gummies and other CBN products are readily available in the market, ready for consumption. 

Now, in order for us to be 100% confident about human consumption safety while recommending you CBN products, we would like to firstly advise you to always and always consider the brand’s reputation and not their price while buying the product.

Make sure they have their ingredients very clearly mentioned on their product packaging and that they get their products third party tested. It is highly recommended that you consult your doctor before you consider using CBN, especially so if you’re on antidepressants, anti-psychotics, antibiotics or heart medications.

You know what? Scratch that. Getting a professional opinion will never hurt no matter what medication you’re on. We want you to fully understand the reactions and risks before you dive into this realm so make sure you do your homework carefully.

CBN and CBD; Final Verdict

It is really difficult to pick one winner because both these compounds alleviate pain, inflammation and discomfort and help you achieve a better quality of life. The only difference lies in their approach towards achieving that goal. It is therefore dependent on your personal problems or requirements to determine which Hemp-derivative Cannabinoid product will suit you the best.

What we can conclude however, is that even if these products do not work for you in the context of solving your exact problem, they will aid you in attaining a mental positive health and a sound physical health, which is an achievement in itself these days!

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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