How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction?

cbd for erectile dysfunction

As humans, we’re always on the look for solutions. Why? Well, the first reason might be the fact that we’re always surrounded by problems. Solutions to such problems are just one Google search away while others require consultation, expert advice, and much more. One of those problems that some men are either facing or might face is Erectile Dysfunction. You might have heard Erectile Dysfunction and CBD together for the first time. If yes, then read on to find out more.

The shiver that this term alone raises in today’s men is quite a major issue that still hasn’t seen the happy ending it should. Just like many other medical issues, ED (Erectile Dysfunction) has its research and studies going on at a reasonable pace. One name that has recently been linked with ED is CBD oil.

Now we’ve surely seen the buzz that CBD as a whole has been creating in the pharmaceutical space but introducing CBD oil to Erectile Dysfunction is a new one. It has been reported that CBD might have the ability to help (if not cure) Erectile Dysfunction. How? Well, that’s what we are here to tell you.

CBD: What Is It?

CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid of the “hemp plant” which is also the non-psychoactive cousin of the marijuana plant. With CBD being non-psychoactive, it means that there’s no chance of the consumer feeling high.

But something that will make you feel high is another cannabinoid known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the major component of the marijuana plant. And this is the reason why the marijuana plant will give you high while the hemp plant also has THC but in a very low amount which is not that harmful.

And as a safety measure, only 0.3% of THC is allowed in any sort of CBD product. CBD has been known to have many beneficial properties such as dealing with anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, and much more

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What Happens In Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

anxiety from Erectile Dysfunction

Well, Erectile Dysfunction is one of those terms where the “meaning is in the name”. Erections usually occur when the flow of blood increases in your genital area/penis. This is the result of either direct contact with your penis or sexual thoughts.

When this happens, the muscles in your genital area relax which leads to the easier blood flow discussed before and thus this is the basic process of an erection. So you might be asking “Where do things go wrong which leads to the “dysfunction” part?

Well the “easy to understand” the answer is if the flow of blood is disturbed or the muscles do not function properly then this might lead to Erectile Dysfunction. There’s no shortage of reasons why this might occur. So we’ve listed some of them here so you can get a general idea.


  • Old Age
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Excessive Intake of Alcohol
  • Anti-Depressants(depends on the intake)
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Injury( at the pelvic area)

Now if you have one of them or several of them then it isn’t necessary that you might face Erectile Dysfunction but then again the chances of it can go from slim to confirm if you don’t pay attention to the possible factors. That’s why you should keep in touch with your doctor regarding these factors to either avoid or treat ED.

What Are My Options?

If you’re facing from ED, then there’s no need to panic. The amount of people facing ED easily lies in the millions range. It happens to the best of us so you’re not alone riding this wave. Now that we’ve undergone the acceptance phase of the situation, it’s time for the “how do I get the solution?” phase.

Well, there’s an option for surgery or implants but that should be the last resort if everything else fails. Then comes the medicine phase which includes the famous Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and much more.

Although these medicines certainly get the job done the side effects are something one should take a look at first which ranges from difficulty in vision to pain in certain muscles. But if we take a look at the CBD side of things, then it’s not that of a loss. Why? Let us find out!

How Can CBD Oil Help?

Well for starters, there is a noticeable difference between the side effects of CBD oil and medications like Viagra, etc. That factor alone is enough for some people. But CBD oil has also shown to help in dealing with EDby relieving the consumer of high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, etc which are some of the main reasons why we might have to deal with EDin the first place.

The way CBD oil works is that it hits the Endocannabinoid system which has certain cannabinoid receptors such as CB 1, CB2 which in turn release the therapeutic benefits of the CBD oil. One of those benefits is relieving anxiety or stress etc.

Studies show that if anxiety, depression, or high blood pressure were removed from the picture then the number of people facing ED would decrease in number by a noticeable margin. Since its uprising, CBD has been known to help the consumers a lot with not that many side effects but probably the biggest downside of CBD the amount of research present on it.

Combining it with the fact that we’re using CBD oil for EDdoesn’t help with the research phase. Meaning that it’ll be a while before we can fully understand the full benefits of CBD oil and to what extent can it help with ED.

How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction and CBD

Due to the immense popularity of CBD in recent years, its applications have also gone up in number. Now ranging from edibles to oils, topicals, capsules, and even gummies, CBD has managed to present itself in the comfort zone of the consumer.

In the case of CBD oil for EDall you have to do is put a few drops of the CBD oil under your tongue. You might be surprised at the “under the tongue part” but the reason for that is that CBD oil reaches the bloodstream in more of a full form because it bypasses the metabolism of the liver and the digestion phase so it doesn’t get broken down and have more of its benefits intact.

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Final Verdict On Erectile Dysfunction and CBD

If you’re looking for the “on shop stop” that will most definitely cure ED, then CBD is not the fairy you were looking for. But what it will do is that it will help you with your anxiety or stress that you might be facing during sexual intercourse that might be the reason for the ED.

Plus it has no major side effects compared to the other medicines available for ED. So after proper consultation with the doctors and the experts, you should give CBD oil for Erectile Dysfunction a shot before moving on to more severe steps.

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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