How to Make CBD Tinctures?

With the fast-paced advancements in the medical field, there’s always something new in the news. From new problems to new solutions, people are always on the look for the next big thing.

One of those, which has been surfing in the spotlight for quite a while and it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere at the moment is CBD or cannabidiol. With the increasing and well deserved increasing popularity, its applications are also increasing.

Some in edible form while some in topical; CBD has managed to scope out its horizon in a broadened view. One of those is known as CBD tinctures. Embedded with all the positive reinforcements of CBD, these CBD tinctures are the perfect fit for the consumers who don’t want any hustle and bustle while consuming products, the “simple yet effective” way and we’re all up for it.

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CBD Tinctures: What Are They?

CBD or cannabidiol if simply put is an extract of the hemp plant which is the non-psychoactive cousin of the marijuana plant. Similarly, CBD tinctures are an extract of CBD plus alcohol.

Although we can also use oil or vinegar in place of alcohol, results have shown that alcohol works best with cannabinoids out of all the other available options. The percentage of alcohol will be discussed later on along with the best way to use a CBD tincture

Should We Consider CBD Tinctures?

CBD has come a long way since its early days. From just a theory to now a full progressive industry, CBD is dipping its hands in every marketplace it can and the results are pretty positive. In the case of CBD tinctures, the cannabinoids do their part to the full extent with the added alcohol to ensure the following benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite replenishment
  • Lowering high blood sugar level
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Treating cancerous cell growth

Can I Make CBD Tinctures at Home?

make CBD tinctures at home

Even though CBD products like CBD tinctures are readily available in the market and can be easily bought unless t your state laws are against CBD then that is another case but still, in most states, CBD tinctures are available for buying but some consumers might not be comfortable in buying CBD products or they don’t trust the companies or they don’t want certain components of the CBD product.

In this scenario, many consumers are bound to have questions like “can I make CBD tinctures at home?” or “should I make CBD tinctures at home?”. Fortunately, we have researched for you and have the answers. So yes, you can certainly make your very own CBD tinctures at home. But should you?

Well, any medical medicine being made at home should have some consultation and research behind it. Ask your doctors or experts for the consultation and the ingredients you’re going to be using in the process.

What We Need:

  • Hemp Flowers
  • High Proof Alcohol(usually vodka)
  • Glass Jar
  • Thermometer
  • Coffee Filter
  • Pan
  • Parchment
  • Baking Sheet
  • Gloves
  • Timer
  • Bowl



cannabis flower

The first step is to decarboxylate your cannabis flower that in our case is the hemp plant flower. You might be asking “uhh the first step is easy but how should I decarboxylate the cannabis? Well, It’s quite simple actually.

All you need to do is grind your flower finely and spread it on parchment. Now place it on a baking sheet. Then heat your oven at almost 230 degrees F while keeping the ground flower inside it for about 30 minutes. Now take it out and let it rest for about 15-20 minutes.


Now place the flower buds in the jar. The amount depends on you. Following the norm, fill ¾ of the jar with the flower buds. Take your vodka (high proof, food-grade vodka and don’t drink it …at least for now) and fill the remaining space in the jar with it.

The Patience Game:

Probably the most time-consuming step compared to the others, just leave the jar for 30-40 days. After waiting for this long, strain it through the coffee filter into the bow. Pour the liquid into the bottle you chose for the CBD Tincture. And there you have it. Your very own homemade CBD Tincture.

How Do I Use It?

Using CBD products is not that much of a hard task. But the point to note here is that different ways of application have different times until the CBD starts working. In the case of CBD tincture, all you need to do is take a few drops which would be about 1mL under your tongue.

Why? The reason is that when you apply it under your tongue, the CBD will travel through your arteries directly into the brain which is exactly what we need. This process is more efficient when you take CBD in form of edibles.

Not to degrade any CBD product, all of them work fine. This will take you almost 15minutes to start feeling the effect while others may take a bit more.

Are CBD Tinctures Safe?/ Will They Make Me High?

CBD will not make you high

Just like other CBD products, the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol ) in CBD tinctures is very low. And THC is the main reason why the consumer feels high for instance in the case of marijuana.

In CBD products like CBD tinctures, CBD oils, or CBD capsules, the amount of THC allowed is 0.3% or lower which is a pretty safe amount and will not give the consumer the feeling of being high.

When bought from the market, there are different varieties of CBD tinctures available ranging from low to high THC levels present. It all depends on the needs or wants of the consumer.

In case of making the tinctures at home, you’ll have almost full control over the components of the CBD tinctures which gives you full flexibility on the CBD and THC but always choose and use in moderation as the saying goes “ Excess of anything is bad”

What’re The Side Effects?

Regular checkup is important

With any medical drug, there’re bound to be at least some side effects. So in the case of CBD products such as CBD tincture, everything is not all that “rainbows and glitters”. It depends on us if we’re willing to take the risks in any scenario.

Surely with all the positive effects of CBD tinctures, there should be some negative aspects related to the subject. But no need to worry because we’ve researched for you.

Blood Pressure:

CBD products are known to lower blood pressure. That gives it the drowsiness effect but if the consumer has hypotension then we need to be a bit cautious here as it can lead to fatigue, tiredness, and nausea, etc.

Dry Mouth:

When we look at the side effects of any CBD product, the most common one we’ll see is the tendency to have dry mouth. But it’s not that much of an issue as we can take a bunch of fluids before taking the CBD tinctures so that the dry mouth side effect of CBD can be balanced.

Keep a Check on the Liver:

The liver is surely involved in dealing with the CBD you take. If you have some liver issues then it is advised not to indulge in CBD for some time until your liver gets sorted out.


In the end, it depends on the consumer what they need. Different problems require different doses or levels of CBD products. Remember, moderation is the key here. The thing to note here is that CBD works based on the amount you take.

For instance, a low amount of CBD tincture will have somewhat of different results compared to medium and high levels of CBD tincture ( in case of using high levels, consultation is well advised).


CBD for health issues

The pace we have seen regarding CBD as a whole is quite the sight to see. The research might not be up to the par compared to its current industrial advancements which is the reason why the FDA and some other experts are still not in the favor of the commercial use of CBD products.

But most consumers have contributed to the research and studies that are being made on CBD with positive results. So CBD has a green light in most cases but still, we have a long way to cover before we fully understand CBD.

Thus it would be better if you consult with your doctor or an expert before using or even making your very own homemade CBD product like the CBD tincture.

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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