Types of CBD Concentrates

Are you surfing the web to get some comprehensive insight into the various types of CBD concentrates? Well, look no further because we promise that you won’t need to read another article (like the one you just jumped here from) after this.

Cannabidiol or CBD in short is one of the 113+ cannabinoids that have been  discovered in the plant of Cannabis. While botanists have classified Cannabis into three types (Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis),Cannabis Sativa and Indica are still the two most commonly known and cultivated types of Cannabis throughout the world.

CBD can be extracted from any of these, however, manufacturers across the globe are growing “Hemp” as the main source of CBD, which is a further variant of Cannabis Sativa. Hemp contains more CBD than any other cannabis plant type in the world. 

As the clouds of stigmatization around CBD begin fading rapidly, concentrates have begun getting their due attention.

What are CBD Concentrates? 

You probably must be wondering what’s the deal with these concentrates anyway and why new products for concentrates keep popping up in the market. Well let us tell you what we know about this potent beauty.

As the name suggests itself, a CBD concentrate is simply CBD in a very thickened, concentrated form. We will discuss in detail the various types of concentrates but bear in mind that these products are not regulated by any authority; however major key players in the CBD space are offering third party testing for the peace of mind of the end consumer.

CBD concentrates work no different than other CBD products, thus, produce the same results. CBD interacts with the naturally occurring endocannabinoid system found in the humans. This system contains the two widely researched receptors CB1 and CB2 that are responsible for regulating memory, metabolism, appetite, etc and is also responsible for executing the effects of CBD.

Following are the various types of CBD concentrates available in the market.

Types of CBD Concentrates

CBD Powder
  • CBD Crystal/Powder 

If you’ve never heard of the term, let us briefly touch upon what Isolate is. CBD Isolate is 99.99% pure Cannabidiol. Yes, this means nothing but CBD. CBD Isolate is crystalline in nature and thus comes in either small crystals or a powdered form.

CBD Isolate, unlike broad-spectrum CBD, does not contain any other cannabinoids, beneficial terpenes and other plant material rendering it a good candidate for people looking to gauge the effects of pure CBD on their body. 

  • CBD Shatter 

If you are someone who is fond of dabbing, CBD shatter might be of interest to you. Famous for its potency, shatter is a translucent substance that is crystalline in nature. Although this is a fairly new way of consuming CBD, it sure still has a decent fan following. 

If we talk about the appearance and physical structure of shatter, it resembles a hard caramelized sugar toffee. Upon heating, the toffee bubbles up and melts into a viscous honey like structure that is just a delight to dab and potent enough to relax your mind. It would be fair to classify shatter as a solid, keeping in view its compact molecular structure. 

  • CBD Wax

CBD wax, as the name implies, is a waxy substance that closely resembles a dark and viscous semi-solid mush. Containing other cannabinoids, terpenes, sterols and plant material; CBD wax is also meant to be utilized for dabbing purposes.

CBD wax has touched the heights of popularity ever since its introduction; primarily due to the fact that it packs a high dose of CBD in minute quantities. It pretty much resembles a normal wax in terms of its structure and makes for a very good dabbing material. 

  • CBD Crumble 

There is a reason why we’ve mentioned Wax and Crumble one after the other. Yes, you guessed it right, because we’re going to give a comparison between these two very similar substances, that’s why. CBD crumble is actually derived from CBD oil by purging the oil.

Crumble contains a bit of moisture which makes it a little bent towards the liquid side as compared to CBD wax, which is almost a soft solid. Not only does CBD crumble taste better than CBD wax but contains a lot more terpenes than wax does. 

Think of CBD shatter as the hard candy of the CBD concentrate realm and crumble as the cotton candy. We hope this analogy helps you understand the difference between the two.

  • CBD Live Resin

Modern day tech and advancements in tools and machinery have made it possible for us to try innovative ways of consuming concentrates. Live Resin is just one example.
Live Resin is also fairly popular among users who like to vaporize and dab their stash. 

Live Resin is extracted at the time when Hemp is being harvested, hence the name. The process involves freezing the plant matter right after it is harvested that not only preserves all the cannabinoids, beneficial terpenes and sterols but also has high amounts of CBG and terpenes which are absent in other CBD concentrates. 

  • CBD Budder

CBD budder, not to be confused with cannabutter, is a concentrated form of Cannabidiol that has a very buttery mayonnaise appearance. After CBD has been extracted (through Co2 extraction method), the molecules found in the oil extracted are all agitated making it easier for manufacturers to purge the cannabinoids. 

After the oil has been purged, the next step involves whipping the oil that gives CBD budder the ultimate creamy texture which is the reason for its popularity. Consumers feel CBD budder is easier to work with due to its creamy texture and thick consistency as compared to CBD shatter, which is hard and glassy. 

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Are CBD Concentrates Legal? 

Is CBD legal

This legal ambiguity has long surrounded Cannabis and its derivatives, leading to low sales. Since we derive the cannabinoid from the same plant Cannabis, many newbies confuse it with THC, assuming without any research, that CBD might be illegal.

In Sweden, CBD that contains no more than 0.00% THC is legal and allowed for consumption. In the UK, the NHS (National Health Services) recognizes products with no more than 0.03% THC legal. 

If we talk about the United States, Hemp was declassified as a controlled substance back in 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed. In the states as well, CBD products must not contain more than 0.03% THC to be legal.

Therefore, CBD concentrates are also legal, without a doubt, since concentrated form of CBD is the same CBD only more potent. 

Added Perks of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates have some added benefits that make them stand out among other CBD products on the shelves. One important aspect is the presence of terpenes in the CBD concentrates.

These terpenes work in harmony with other cannabinoids to produce the infamous ‘entourage effect’ which is a phenomenon that boosts the effects of CBD such as pain relief and inflammation reduction. Not only are terpenes responsible for the distinct concentrate aroma of but are also responsible for how a particular concentrate tastes.

Following are some of the common terpenes found in the cannabis plant; 

Another factor to consider here is the quicker onset of CBD due to its concentrated form. Since most of the CBD concentrates are dab-able, CBD concentrates are a good way to get CBD coursing through your veins. 

Last but not the least, CBD concentrates contain high amounts of CBD thus, making it easier for you to inhale strong doses delivered in a matter of minutes through small quantities, unlike oil or edibles that take a lot of time and need to consumed in greater quantities before you can get the desired potency up and running in your system.

Side Effects of CBD Concentrates

Since CBD concentrates are strong doses of Cannabidiol that shoot straight into your blood veins, there is a chance some of you may experience some side effects. It really depends on your tolerance, metabolism and allergies but generally, CBD is a very well tolerated substance among users.

Some potential side effects of CBD concentrates include but are not limited to; 

CBD can help to deal with Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight Loss
  • Headache
  • Sleepiness
  • Changes in Appetite

As you can see, none of these are severe or potentially life threatening unless you consume CBD while on medication, which can then complicate matters for you. 

Future of CBD Concentrates 

The CBD concentrate is a promising industry with innovative consumption devices and a great deal of textures and flavors to suit all sorts of CBD enthusiasts. CBD, overall, is the way to go for our generation if we want to win this fight against anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses that have gripped us tight.

Also, if in the future CBD research proves it to be beneficial for incurable diseases like Huntington’s Disease and Cancer, we will likely step a 100 years ahead in the field of medical science. 

I am a 34-year-old father of three that lives in Sweden. I´ve changed my life with the help of CBD and I have a profound interest in the research surrounding CBD. You can read more about me here.

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